Trustpilot announces new $73.5 million investment

Trustpilot announces new $73.5 million investment

We’ve been fortunate to enjoy countless incredible days since Trustpilot was started in 2007, but today is without question our most exciting day yet.

Trustpilot is extremely proud to announce an investment of $73.5 million, led by Vitruvian Partners and significantly supported by our existing investors DFJ Esprit,  Index Ventures, Northzone and Seed Capital Denmark.

To all of our employees, every one of our customers, and to the millions of consumers who have made Trustpilot a global movement: Thank you.


Like many start-ups, Trustpilot was created from humble beginnings. We started in a small apartment in Aarhus, Denmark with the goal of helping people shop online. Trustpilot’s rapid growth across the globe is inspiring proof that our beliefs are shared by consumers everywhere.

We believe consumers want real reviews as part of their shopping experience, and that authentic feedback from all customers is the best way for businesses to differentiate themselves.

Across every continent, consumer action reinforces our beliefs. For example, who would try a new restaurant without first checking out the reviews on Yelp? How many people would book a hotel without researching them first on TripAdvisor? We all want reviews to assist in the decisions we make.

This is especially true when choosing where to spend our hard-earned money. Whether buying clothes, software, insurance or even self-storage units, real reviews help us make better shopping decisions. To date, Trustpilot has collected 13 million company reviews of more than 100,000 businesses.

Trustpilot is very different from other review sites. All reviews we collect are immediately published on our site. We do not permit companies to moderate which reviews “go live”. We do this because we believe consumers want, and deserve to see the whole story.

The best companies have everything to gain from being transparent and sharing feedback from all of their customers. These beliefs are carved from our own experience. We’ve learned that negative reviews about Trustpilot create opportunities to improve and to also demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction. We are very proud to have helped thousands of companies grow based on these shared beliefs.

Trust and transparency are core to our mission and business.  All customers can leave reviews, and all businesses can collect them, free of charge. We aspire to create the Internet’s standard for online trust between consumers and the businesses they buy from.

With this new funding, we will further invest in developing our teams to support Trustpilot partners everywhere. We will continue enhancing the consumer experience so that their reviews become more more useful to shoppers everywhere. We will reinforce our commitment to industry-leading review integrity and authenticity.

Trustpilot is on a mission to become the global destination where consumers make better shopping decisions, and where the best businesses stand out through real feedback from all of their customers. We are thankful to everyone who has helped make this incredible day possible and together we look forward to many more.

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