Trustmas Day 9: Digital enhancing

Trustmas Day 9: Digital enhancing

On the ninth day of Trustmas, Trustpilot gave to enhancing. (Increase performance of other digital display channels with reviews.)

You’ve got reviews on your homepage, your checkout page, and you’ve been using them in social media and email campaigns, so now what?

Our friends over at Krossover and Vivint thought of a creative way to incorporate their reviews into display and retargeting ads.

If you’ve got a skilled Photoshop-smith like we do, this should be easy for you. Take a great review you received and incorporate it into your next set of ads. The results speak for themselves!

Examples from our partners:

Krossover uses reviews on display ads. During a short test, they saw a 45% increase in CTR with an ad with trust signals in it, vs. an ad without trust signals.

The basketball coaching community is a small world, so word-of-mouth is extremely important to marketing our product. Showcasing testimonials directly on our advertising is a great way to build trust and move the needle in our industry.
— Matt Talmage

Vivint ran 3 tests concurrently, testing 2 versions of an ad with and without trust signals. All 3 tests reached statistical significance, and showed increase in click-through-rates of 42%, 67%, and 7% respectively.

At Vivint, our goal has been to add trust factors at every touch point along our consumer journey. Trustpilot has helped us significantly increase our CTR on advertisements and response rates on landing pages.
— Logan England
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