Trustmas Day 8: Five stars a filling

Trustmas Day 8: Five stars a filling

On the eighth day of Trustmas, Trustpilot gave to me...five stars a filling. (Promote your individual products or services with reviews.)

If you’re a company which sells physical products, why not let customers evaluate what you make an provide certainty for customers ready to purchase?

A page of uncertified items (referring to a lack of reviews) leads a buyer down a dark, dark hallway. They become uncertain if any of the products are any good, and wonder if anyone has purchased any of them before.

By creating the option for customer product reviews, you eliminate this sketchiness. You provide a beacon of light for all to come and praise your hard work and five-star deserving products.

Check out to see how they are incorporating Trustpilot product reviews to do just that, and see some other powerful examples below.

Examples from our partners:

PinnaclePromotions uses seller reviews on individual product pages because they have a quick turnaround on their products.

Pinnacle Promotions prides itself on exemplary customer service. By displaying our almost 1,000 Trustpilot customer reviews (with an average 9.6 TrustScore!) prominently on our site, we’re able to show potential customers that our customer satisfaction is second to none in the promotional product industry.
— Lee Becknell

ExpressWatches displays reviews on-site to garner consumer confidence in their products.

Being – initially – a physical shop, we were obviously talking to customers face-to-face on a daily basis, so we found it a little more difficult to diversify online, because there was no human interaction. The great advantage with Trustpilot and the rating process is that we can find out what we do correctly and what we can maybe improve on.
— Christopher Andrews
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