Trustmas Day 7: Conversions #winning

Trustmas Day 7: Conversions #winning

On the seventh day of Trustmas, Trustpilot gave to me...conversions #winning. (Improve conversion rates with on-site reviews.)

(You have to pronounce the ‘hashtag’ for this one to work in the rhyme scheme.)

Despite a troubled past with Charlie Sheen, #winning in this case is really about improving your conversion rates by integrating reviews on your website.

Trustpilot partners have integrated reviews throughout their websites - on their home page, landing pages, even category pages or shopping carts - to give prospects a sense of certainty before proceeding with using their business. Adding reviews can be as simple as copy/pasting one of our fully responsive Trustbox widgets onto your site, or alternatively making something truly custom using our API. Feeling uncertain? Why not hear first-hand accounts from current users about what the service has in store for you? It’s a great decision for your sales. Put them on your landing pages, your checkout pages, your home page, every page!

Examples from our partners:

CitizenShipper - A/B tested mutiple Trustpilot widgets on their PPC landing pages, to see which would increase conversion the most. The Trustbox Carousel tested with highest conversion rate - increasing conversion by 33% to be exact, tested with 95% confidence

Working with Trustpilot has enabled our customers to advocate for us, allowing us to better position ourselves against the competition.
— Richard Obousy

Vivint - similarly tested different TrustBox designs on their landing pages, and saw a significant increase of 11.59% in conversion, with 95.5% confidence. You can check out the winning design below!

At Vivint, our goal has been to add trust factors at every touch point along our consumer journey. Trustpilot has helped us significantly increase our CTR on advertisements and response rates on landing pages.
— Logan England

Dashlane increased downloads by 4.3% after testing out different Trustpilot widgets on their home page. In addition, they increased conversion off their PPC landing pages by 14.5% by adding a Trustbox to their pages.

A primary reason we partnered with Trustpilot was a reference from a new employee.The cost was fair and he said we’d make the money back in a second. And he was right. We looked at the performance after the first week and everyone said, “Oh wow!” and we’ve only seen the value and ROI multiply ever since.
— David Rostan
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