Trustmas Day 6: Employees a playing

Trustmas Day 6: Employees a playing

On the sixth day of Trustmas, Trustpilot gave to me...employees a playing. (Gamify review collection internally and motivate your customer service team.)

Pin the tail on the reindeer is a blast, but so is the ability to create internal competitions based around the words you receive from your reviews.


Well, you could do what some of our customers have done by checking out the examples below.

Or you could give away prizes to the top three customer service members of your team for receiving the most 5-star reviews on your Trustpilot page (you can match service reps to reviews based on the order id associated with each review). It’s a great way to keep your employees carrying on in a happy elf-like way in your Santa’s workshop (hopefully with far less high-pitched singing) and for them to want to strive to do more for your customers. A little incentive goes a long way.

Examples from our partners:

CreativeDisplaysNow holds a competition where any customer service team member who receives a review of less than five stars has to buy everyone lunch.

When we first launched with Trustpilot, we reached out to existing customers who had recently purchased from us and started to see reviews come in for our two websites. The first few responses were all five-star reviews, so the team decided to make a wager about who’s customer would submit the first review with less than five stars. The bet, as many things do, immediately centered around food—lunch purchased by the ‘loser’. It has been a fun way to create internal interest in the Trustpilot process of gaining customer reviews. It also created some good drama as the review emails come in..
— Matt Ruggle

SpareFoot uses reviews to direct decision making in exec meetings, as well as uses the Trustpilot API to live stream reviews to the internal dashboards of its call center agents, so employees can see exactly how their efforts affect customers.That stream also is integrated into the company’s proprietary chat rooms, where reviews are organized by agent, and high-performing agents are recognized on a leaderboard showing aggregate average ratings for cases they handled.

CritterControl: has reps manually triggering invitation emails after every service appointment. They are each responsible for getting AT LEAST one review a week, and if they can’t, they have to wash everyone’s truck...all 75 of them!

We take our Trustpilot very seriously. We’re paying good money for this, and we’ve gotta make it count. so far it’s worked extremely well.
— Jason Sacco
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