Trustmas Day 5: The PPC of kings

Trustmas Day 5: The PPC of kings

On the fifth day of Trustmas, Trustpilot gave to me...the PPC of kings. (Increase the effectiveness of your PPC channel.)

In marketing, we use acronyms for everything, CAC, API, BR, CMS and of course, PPC (Pay-Per-Click). For search engines, a PPC ad gets displayed when someone searches a key-term related to the content of the ad.

Boost your content, boost your clickability, decrease your cost-per-click.

You can increase the effectiveness of your PPC with a seller ratings ad-extension and also with Google Shopping (seller & product reviews).

Check out the real-life customer examples below to see how much online reviews can do for your PPC.

Examples from our partners:

The Pearl Source increased clickthrough rates by 38% and decreased cart abandonment by 5%. In addition, they were featured in an article on retail success stories here.

Companies can try to fill up the website with as much content and information as possible, but at the end of the day, there will still be customers that require a certain amount of trust before they can finally make a purchase — especially with high-value purchases like jewelry.
— Emma Schrage

Dashlane achieved enough reviews with Trustpilot to qualify for a Google Seller Rating extension on their ad campaign. This star rating was included in their PPC ads to differentiate their business and establish credibility even before someone visits their page. The results from this simple addition were dramatic, they saw a 93% lift in click-through-rates driving more traffic to their site.

It’s very important when our market base doesn’t have the time to learn the actual ins and outs of our product that we find a way to communicate our trustworthiness quickly... and customer reviews with Trustpilot is how we do it.
— David Rostan

ForRent generated an improved CTR of 34% in Google AdWords with Trustpilot’s ad extensions.

Reviews help consumers with their online research, so by having the Trustpilot reviews displayed with ForRent text ads, it increased clickthrough rate giving renters comfort in knowing other users have been satisfied with our brand.
— Michelle Castillo
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