Trustmas Day 4: Customer's words

Trustmas Day 4: Customer's words

On the fourth day of Trustmas, Trustpilot gave to me...customer’s words. (Enhance your email communication with reviews and trust signals)

The voice of your customer - the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s not only the valuable insights you gain, as we talked about in our previous post, but also being able to utilize these words to beef up your email communication to prospects and current customers.

By incorporating customer words into your marketing efforts you give prospects and customers a reassurance they are making the right decision in working with you, or continuing to work with you.

Check out what some of our customers are doing to gain the attention of prospects; incorporating user-generated content to do the marketing for them. Seems like a no-brainer, if you ask me, but no one really ever asks me.

Examples from our partners:

RushOrderTees uses their TrustScore and ratings within their customer email communications. We found this on our own - by sharing a design through their platform. By including their Trustscore mid-conversion, RushOrderTees boosts consumer confidence and encourages them to finalize their purchase.

GreenMonsterPromos utilizes their TrustScore as an essential part of their email marketing campaigns.

One of the most important principles we follow at Green Monster Promotions is making sure we provide a 5 star customer service experience to our clients. It is an important point of differentiation with our competitors.

Trustpilot has given us the tools to measure how well we meet that goal. We’re fortunate to get amazingly positive feedback from our customers, and we want to share those results with prospective clients so they can feel secure in their choice of GreenMonsterPromos. We do that by including the Trustpilot logo and ratings in our house and new customer acquisition emails, as well as feature it prominently on our website. We’ve also created a page where customers can read recent reviews, and use a trustbox to feature a few reviews on our product pages.

We believe that by allowing customers to share in the positive experiences of others, they are more confident placing their first order with us. We have been very happy with our results using the Trustpilot platform.
— GreenMonsterPromos
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