Trustmas Day 2: Social media love

Trustmas Day 2: Social media love

On the second day of Trustmas, Trustpilot gave to media love. (Blast out your reviews through social media channels.)

Ok, so maybe ‘social media love’ isn’t the perfect parody of ‘two turtle doves’ but we’re here to spread the love of the Trustmas season! #canyouthinkofabetterone?

We at Trustpilot talk extensively about the importance of collecting online reviews, particularly through accessing your profile page on our website, but there is this other massive space of interconnectivity on the internet as well called social media, perhaps you’ve heard of it?

You don’t need to be limited to simply Facebook posts though, Twitter and YouTube would love some attention as well. Embrace the power of your customer’s voices and be sure to let all your followers know how well you’re doing regarding customer service. You’ll attract new customers and show your current customers you value the time they spend to review you.

Be sure to spread the love!

Examples from our partners:

Forward Financing - Utilizes reviews on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Forward Financing utilizes Trustpilot's social media feature set to post reviews on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, showing off their awesome fan base to their social communities and beyond.

Once we have collected feedback via Trustpilot, we distribute it through a number of key channels, including our social media accounts. We employ social media to get the message out there because of its cost- effectiveness, simplicity, and most importantly, it is a channel where we can communicate our trustworthiness, and therefore establish trust, in a relatively relaxed, informal environment. - Daniel Sims

QuoteSupermarket - Shares reviews on their social media pages, holds contests on social channels, asking contestants to leave a review on Trustpilot.
QuoteSupermarket shares reviews through all of their social media profiles. Their team also creates contests via social platforms, asking their communities to leave reviews on Trustpilot to be eligible to win fun prizes. Incredible social media interaction all around!.

Here at QuoteSupermarket there is nothing more powerful than the feedback from our customers. Through our partnership with Trustpilot, in the last 6 months, we’ve been focusing our efforts in increasing our reviews by incorporating Trustpilot in our social media strategy.
We value the importance of being transparent and to encourage our customers to review our services, we have utilized our strong social media presence.
— Kreete Pruul

The Shutter Store - Shares reviews through social, customizing posts to parallel their branding.
The Shutter Store posts their customer reviews through all of their social channels, customizing this content to align with their branding.

Being a bespoke product, we rely on our happy customers as our main evidence of the quality of our product – this is why we use Trustpilot to ensure impartial insight into our company! With social media embedded into everyone’s lives, we love how simple it is to be able to easily show our current and potential customers how we act as a company, react to any questions and generally have a simple and informal point of interaction. Being able to blend these two factors, whether with screenshots of comments or with the inbuilt Trustpilot app, lets us broadcast our customers happy stories in a quick and bite-size manner.
— James Hamilton
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