Trustmas Day 11: Feedback used for hyping

Trustmas Day 11: Feedback used for hyping

On the eleventh day of Trustmas, Trustpilot gave to used for hyping. (Turning your reviews into something tangible.)

In our previous post, we talked about decorating your office and celebrating your employees with your online reviews. What we haven’t discussed yet though is sending these reviews through the mail.


Check out what BrookHollowCards does with 'Thank You' cards below, and what FramesDirect has done in-house to speice things up.

For example, you could print out reviews and include them in the packages you send to prospects, or send them as part of a ‘Get to know us’ package to prospects. It’s easy - find some great reviews on your Trustpilot profile page, tell your graphic designer you’d like to include them in upcoming mailings, scale them to fit your shipping options, and place them inside. Voila!

Words of trust don’t need to only be seen on a screen, send them all over the world for all to see and hold on to.

Examples from our partners:

Brookhollow Cards sends a card thanking customers for leaving a review on Trustpilot.

We are always looking for additional / unique opportunities to engage with our customers. Individuals responding to a Trustpilot review are actively reaching out to us telling what we are doing well and sometimes what we aren’t doing so well. Their feedback is of utmost importance to us as we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

We wanted a way to thank you to customers for taking the time to give us feedback good or bad, as well as keep our brand name on their mind...since we are a greeting card company we thought a Thank You card would be perfect.

Within the card copy we’ve included an offer for the next purchase and depending on the individual’s review we hand write a note regarding their comments or just say thanks.
— Travis Helling

FramesDirect has framed reviews of the best and brightest feedback they have received from customers. began its partnership with Trustpilot about a year ago. The tool has proven to be invaluable to us in understanding how we can continually improve our customer service. We read and respond to every single review. These reviews truly help us get better every day in serving our customers.
— Brad Berbette
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