Trustmas Day 10: Accents of succeeding

Trustmas Day 10: Accents of succeeding

On the tenth day of Trustmas, Trustpilot gave to me...accents of succeeding. (Create an internal culture of reviews throughout your office.)

You’ve been busy decking the halls, and fa-la-laing. There’s eggnog to be had, lights to be lit, and Michael Bublé albums to be listened to on repeat. (Yes, I’ll admit it, it’s a great holiday album.) But amidst all this holiday decadence you’ve forgotten to adorn your office with another gift of the holidays - online reviews!

Set up a tv with streaming updates of your most recent reviews. Display your team goals for all to see highlighted by quotes from reviews. Throw a party for reaching certain milestones of reviews. And heck, print some out and frame them around your office to show proudly to anyone that gets to come inside.

It’s a warm welcome to guests, and a warm welcome back to your employees.

Check out what Woodland Manufacturing and SquareTrade did with their offices below, and the party we threw for PartsGeek!

Examples from our partners:

Woodland Manufacturing’s web developer setup an ajax call to reach out to the Trustpilot website to get new reviews to rotate in. Their graphic designer created this clean interface so all employees can see the reviews the company is getting, good and bad. They mounted the TV, displaying the reviews in the break room.

It is great feedback to see how we are really doing and what customers think of our products, shipping, customer service, etc. It also is a great idea generator to fix things a customer notices that we haven’t even thought of to improve their customer experience.
— Carl

Squaretrade has framed pictures showing reviews all around their office.

We showcase our Trustpilot reviews a number of different ways: framed reviews throughout our office, an internal program that recognizes our Customer Experience Specialists and with partners to show what their customers are saying about their SquareTrade experience.
— Joseph Aguilar

PartsGeek - After collecting over 100,000 reviews in three short years, Trustpilot threw Parts Geek a fabulous high flyer awards party to celebrate!

We take great pride in delivering outstanding prices and service to our customers. This milestone shows that our customers care enough about our company to spread the word to others about their positive experiences.
— Jason Catalfomo
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