Trustmas Day 1: A great way for you to trust me

Trustmas Day 1: A great way for you to trust me

On the first day of Trustmas, Trustpilot gave to me...a great way for you to trust me. (Facilitating conversations with customers through reviews.)

By you and me, I’m referring to ‘you’ as the customer, and ‘me’ as the seller (that simply didn’t have the same ring to it to fit the rhyming scheme of this 12 day series).

On this very first day of our commemorative Trustmas, we’d like to start out with the core of that which makes everything about our belief system here at Trustpilot work - conversation. By facilitating conversations with customers via online reviews on our site, the gift of trust is bestowed upon you. However, it doesn’t emerge as easily as tearing some wrapping paper off, it develops slow and strong, as in a relationship.

You can ensure to develop your trust consistently by responding to each review you receive, giving each of our customers the attention they deserve, asking customers to update their previous reviews and even by rewarding those that leave reviews with coupons or simply a thank you. An honest ‘Thank you’ goes a long way!

Learn how to progress your trust and conversations with your customers with some excellent customer examples below.

Examples from our partners:

PureFormulas responds to all reviews - and utilizes their positive responses to drive traffic to their social media pages, increasing brand loyalty among customers. If you’re unhappy with their service, PureFormulas is quick to rectify the situation, with a smile.

That’s one of the biggest drivers, for indecisive customers - the number of reviews that are positive.”
— William Perez (PureFormulas)

FramesDirect responds to every review - and it feels personal, because it is. Craig, a member of the Operations team, responds to every single review left for FramesDirect.

The tool has proven to be invaluable to us in understanding how we can continually improve our customer service. We read and respond to every single review. These reviews truly help us get better every day in serving our customers.
— FramesDirect’s COO
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