Are you missing the best review app to increase your Shopify sales?

Are you missing the best review app to increase your Shopify sales?

Increasing clickthrough rates, improving sales, or getting your brand noticed online - you can do amazing things by collecting customer reviews.

So, in order to do all of the above quickly and cost-free, we’ve developed (drum roll, please)...

Trustpilot Reviews, a free app for Shopify

Here’s where you’ll win:

1 - You’ll find it’s super easy to get feedback

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Research shows that 92% of consumers read online reviews, and 91% of consumers say that an online review is more important than salesperson speak.

Feedback can drive your business forward like never before. You’re in touch with your best fans and critics all at once, so you’ll know exactly what your customers are thinking in real time.

So get collecting reviews and start boosting sales today (we've seen an average 18% uplift in sales thanks to reviews).

2 - You’re going to have a lot more free time

You’re going to have more time to grab a coffee, look at cat pictures online, watch YouTube videos, plan after-work activities, or even be at home with family.

Our app saves you a LOT of time. When you’ve configured your app on Shopify (click here to find out how you do it), the review invitation is automatic.

No manually inviting customers to leave feedback, no writing lengthy emails. Just set it all up, kick back, and then view the feedback. It is that simple.

3 - You’ll really get to know your customers

There’s plenty you can do with your customer review data, including targeting your Google ads at the most relevant customers we explain how here, and showcasing customer feedback through our range of TrustBoxes to increase conversions.

All of this leads to our final point...

4 - That reputation of yours is going to shine

If your reviews come in regularly, you’ll be a search engine star.

With Trustpilot’s review data fed to Google, Bing and Yahoo!, fresh customer content means you could be ranked higher in search results.

And you could benefit from search engine stars - quite literally, too - across Google AdWords, Google Seller Ratings, Bing and Yahoo Ads, Product Ratings, and more - all thanks to the feed of Trustpilot review data. (Read how it all works here.)

So what are you waiting for?

It’s super easy and totally free to get started! Just start by selecting a Trustpilot free or paid plan for your online store and then visit your Shopify app store to get your Shopify app!

First, sign up for Trustpilot
Then download the Shopify app!
Collect reviews for free!
Max your review power with the free app!