4 reasons Trustpilot's review extension is the trick to Magento magic

4 reasons Trustpilot's review extension is the trick to Magento magic

Increasing clickthrough rates, increasing sales, or getting your brand noticed online are just some of the benefits of collecting customer reviews.

Now you can do all of those things through Magento. Please welcome...

Trustpilot Reviews extension for Magento!

Here’s where the magic happens:

1 - You’ll have more free time

Setting up the Magento extension takes minutes (see how you do it here). Sign up to Trustpilot, follow the instructions, and the review invitations will be sent out automatically when customers purchase something from you.

That means more time for you to do whatever it is you enjoy outside of the office. You’re welcome!

2 - You’ll have easy to understand, verified feedback

Asking for reviews is a small, yet vital step in building committed customer relationships.

Statistics show 92% of consumers read online reviews . In another study, 91% of customers claim an online review is more important than text from a salesperson.

Just by collecting reviews and actively engaging with your customers, you could see sales increase today (we’ve seen an average of 18% uplift in sales thanks to reviews).

So if building a reputation and potentially selling more is important to your business, our Magento extension is certainly here to help.

3 - You’ll have knowledge of your customers

While review collection is key, so is responding to feedback.

The extension lets you view and reply to all the feedback you receive, giving you the chance to open up meaningful communication channels with your customers.

These honest exchanges attract new business too - how can a prospect ignore a business who shows that it cares about being transparent and trustworthy?

Finally, there’s a lot you can do with the customer review data, including targeting your Google ads to your customers (all is explained here), and showing customer reviews through TrustBoxes to increase conversions.

4 - A dazzling reputation is in sight

Handle reviews well, and keep them coming in, and you’ll be:

  • Popular
  • Trusted
  • A search engine hit

With Trustpilot’s review data fed to Google, Bing and Yahoo!, the fresh content stream of reviews means your search engine ranking could improve.

The same improvement might also be seen across the star ratings in Google AdWords, Google Seller Ratings, Bing and Yahoo Ads, Product Ratings, and more. (Here’s how it all works.)

So what are you waiting for?

Your Magento extension is waiting to be set up. And if you’ve got any problems, we’re always here to help.

First, sign up for Trustpilot
Then download the Magento extension
Collect reviews for free!
See your reviews pack a punch!