4 ways reviews can make this Christmas your most profitable ever

4 ways reviews can make this Christmas your most profitable ever

Santa Claus will be coming to town very, very soon indeed. But it’s not too late to ensure your business will be walking in a winter wonderland this year.

So whether you’ve been naughty or nice, here are a few online review pointers to show the crowds of last-minute shoppers why they should shop with you.

1- Collect and show your online reviews

According to one study, 92% of consumers read online reviews. Another study found that 91% of consumers appreciate online reviews more than a conversation with a salesperson.

Without reviews, your website is lacking that validated, customer feedback power it needs to assure people to shop with you. And while review collection is a year-round activity, Christmas is one of the sales peaks where collecting and displaying reviews really matters.

So collect reviews, respond to them, and show them on your site at the most vital steps in the customer journey.

2 - Reach out to customers from last Christmas

There’s no shame in asking for feedback; in fact it’s very noble of you.

And with 67% of Christmas shoppers turning to online reviews before making a purchase, getting those customers from last Christmas to write about you in time for this year isn’t a bad move at all.

‘But what if the feedback is negative?’ you ask. Well having a full picture of your online reviews means your reputation is genuine. Having positive and negative feedback shows your reputation is honest.

According to HubSpot, five times more buyers look to bad reviews than good. It’s not because they don’t want to buy from you; they just want the full picture.

3 - Ensure your customer service is the best

89% of customers are ready to do business with a competitor if they have a bad customer service experience with you.

But how do you really know if your customer service isn’t performing?

Reviews can help identify the links in the chain that might be a little weak. And with Christmas such an important time to increase sales, it’s a bit of investigation you’ll probably want to do.

More than that, responding to reviews is customer service in itself. You’re building a relationship that might have otherwise never happened.

And with good customer service comes sales. 88% of customers say a positive customer service experience influenced their purchase.

4 - Get creative with your feedback

Feedback is most powerful when it's helpful in the purchasing process. So why not consider making that Christmas section on your site, complete with customer feedback?

That way customers have one place for your special offers this season, all of which are backed by customer reviews.

We’ve seen companies increase conversion rates by 33% just by displaying their reviews in the right places on their site and engaging with their customers online.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Until now, a sales boost might have been something you wish to Santa for. But you don't need to wait on reindeers and sleigh bells to give your business that Christmas boost.

And the best thing? Reviews aren't just for Christmas. You'll see the benefits the year round.

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