Getting the most reviews from your mobile users

Getting the most reviews from your mobile users

Maybe you’ve heard of the “Queen of the Net,” and no, I’m not talking about this Queen. Mary Meeker? Former Managing Director of Morgan Stanley, Venture Capitalist, and 77th most powerful woman in the world? Maybe not. But if you have, you would know that years ago she made a prediction that we’re still talking about today - the rise of mobile)

Meeker predicted that by 2014 mobile usage would out-rank desktop in terms of usage. So what happened? Was the ‘Queen’ right? Well, let’s take a look at the results.

I think it’s easy enough to tell, but as of January 2014, mobile has indeed exceeded desktop usage, at least here in the US. In addition, more Google searches now take place on mobile devices than on computers in ten countries including both the US and Japan.

Four out of five smartphone users check their phones within the first fifteen minutes of waking up. 80% of those say it’s the first thing they do in the morning. (adweek)

This rise in mobile naturally translates to Trustpilot as well. We have seen a growth in users overall from 54.4 million users to 70.4 million users (29% increase).

We’ve seen a growth in mobile users from 11 million to 18.9 million (a remarkable 71% growth in users).

(These statistics were run between January through October of 2014 - 2015)

So, what does this mean for your business? Let’s take a look at what you should be doing to get the most from your Trustpilot usage regarding mobile users.

Why can’t we be (mobile) friends?

Unlike the 1975 song by WAR, friendship is easily possible. And what I mean by friendship here is ensuring your site(s) are mobile friendly.

After looking at the above graph showing the rise in mobile users, it’s crucial you ensure your sites and landing pages are mobile friendly to get the most from users who want to visit your site. But don’t take my word for it, take Google’s. Google, the search behemoth is now including website mobile friendliness into its algorithms that regulate your rank. Google has even gone so far as to include a tool for developers to run a mobile-friendly test to report if the page has a mobile-friendly design.

We’ve pulled some internal Trustpilot data and found the biggest turnout from specific devices, and what days of the week are best for you to get maximum feedback on your online review email invites. The results are below.

We’ve gathered that the busiest days of the week for mobile are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with peaks for all mobile devices above falling within these days.

People looking down means your review feedback could be looking up

People are always on their phones, millennials especially. They’ve become such an integral part of our being that I speculate in the coming years we might even have a place at the table next to forks and knives reserved for phone holders. That’s about as ambitious as the Cubs winning the World Series as predicted in Back to the future 2 though...or is it?

Because mobile usage has risen this much, you’re only losing out if you’re not targeting your potential reviewers, as well as prospects by ensuring mobile-optimization is a key element of your design process.

As millennials have now risen to become the largest part of the workforce in 2015, they will want to be fully connected through devices, in order to continue to work while they are away from their desks. Increase your brand reach by keeping your site mobile-friendly and using our above tips to target your previous customers for reviews to keep your content fresh and new sales on the rise.

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