Why does your business + interested customers = abandonment?

Why does your business + interested customers = abandonment?

Reality check: 68% of all eCommerce visitors abandon their shopping baskets . That’s FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS in abandoned merchandise every year.

Wired.com estimate that a trillion dollars in bills stacked up would go one-quarter of the way to the moon. Four trillion dollars would therefore reach the moon. At this rate, the monetary equivalent of abandoned shopping will beat SpaceX to the moon!

But it’s not just regaining customers that’s a concern. I bet you’re also thinking:

  • How can I increase basket size?
  • How can I increase my Google rankings and attract shoppers?
  • How can I simplify the customer journey so more people check out?

Online trust is the solution

Whatever your opinion of the sports brand Nike, they successfully created the most successful tagline of the 20th century: ‘Just do it’.

Yet oftentimes, people don’t ‘just do it’. We all need reassurance and comfort to let us know we’re doing the right thing.

Statistics show that 61% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. Have no reviews, and you’re leaving an element of doubt on the table.

Reviews provide assurance through honesty and transparency. And Trustpilot statistics show that reviews can provide a 40% revenue boost year-on-year.

You are the Google star

Got AdWords with Google? Well Google Seller Ratings are an effective barometer of trust which you could be seeing the benefits of really soon with reviews.

Seller ratings are automatically generated by Google, using data from third-party sources such as Trustpilot, which appear next to your ads to reflect the overall consumer experience.

Star ratings make a business stand out, letting the customer know right away that you’re to be trusted, likely boosting clicks and conversions on your site (Rev.com did just that).

Want to know how to maximize Google Seller Ratings (GSR) with reviews? We've got your back.

Be a smooth operator

Let’s go through a streamlined online buying process. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a moment:

  1. You search for a product or find it through marketing
  2. You go to the website for that product
  3. You find the product and add it to your basket
  4. You perhaps browse a bit more
  5. You then finalize your basket
  6. You click to pay
  7. You sign in (where possible) or simply add in your shipping and payment details
  8. You click confirm (or something similar)
  9. You click away from the resulting confirmation page

That’s nine different actions in a streamlined purchased decision, not including possible clicks to rectify mistakes, search for competitors, or shopping cart abandonment because something’s not quite right.

There could be hundreds of clicks in the customer journey, so it’s important your website couples:

Ease of use


Guidance to buy

Displaying reviews collected from an online community, or allowing customers to write reviews directly on your site, shows you’re trusted and gives fewer reasons to back out of a purchase.

But that’s not all…

There’s so much more reviews can do, and that’s why we created a handy little eGuide: ‘Why your brand future is Trust Powered’.