Parts Geek: 100,000 reviews and beyond

Parts Geek: 100,000 reviews and beyond

Parts Geek is a discount online catalog for all your domestic and import car needs. From oil filters to to brake pads, Parts Geek has you covered. They have been offering automotive parts and supplies since 1996 and have been listing products for sale online since 2002.

Flash forward 10 years, Parts Geek collects its first review in 2012. In a matter of three short years, Parts Geek has collected over 100,000 reviews and counting. They are the second business on Trustpilot that has reached this incredible milestone - and don’t expect them to slow down anytime soon!

Their massive volume of reviews is mainly based on excellent customer service coupled with an emphasis on delivering quality items at a low lost. Jason Catalfomo, GM of Parts Geek says:

“We take great pride in delivering outstanding prices and service to our customers. This milestone shows that our customers care enough about our company to spread the word to others about their positive experiences.”

This desire to focus on service and price has helped not only their business grow, but also the amount of positive reviews they collect on Trustpilot. Their business has grown so much over the past few years they broke ground and built a new world-class facility to house their dedicated customer service team in New Jersey. This came out of a desire to further grow their customer service team and have it grow alongside their business. Catalfomo went on further to say, “This honor is shared with our outstanding customer base and dedicated employees.”

Now, what do 100,000 reviews look like? It may seem like a distant dream for many, but take a look at what Parts Geek did to see how you too can boom your review collection.

  • Average of 87 reviews collected a day

  • That’s 2594 reviews a month

  • 25,000+ reviews a year

  • Average star rating of 4.26

  • 79.9% of reviews are either 4 or 5 stars

Convenient, affordable, and awesome. Thanks for returning my cars value without costing me a fortune
— ( Very first review. June 2012, 5 stars)
It is hot in Texas! When the temperature in October is still in the nineties, you need air conditioning. I found Parts Geek online. I read the customer reviews and was impressed. After ordering, I understood the great comments. Superb delivery and pricing.

To celebrate with Parts Geek and their 100,000 reviews, we welcomed them into their new world-class facility with a celebration. As always, contact us to find out how Trustpilot can help you strive towards 100,000 reviews!

Check out the awesome photos from Parts Geek’s 100,000 review party!

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