How trust can solve everyday challenges for every business

How trust can solve everyday challenges for every business

Here are a few questions that may cross your mind when seeking to optimize your business operations:

  • How do I maximize my website ranking?
  • How do I generate leads for sales?
  • People keep leaving the site. How do I keep customers coming back?
  • What’s the best way to improve brand loyalty?
  • How do I increase basket sizes?

Well the solution is not easy, but it is simple... building trust

Here are three points to commit to memory, and your marketing strategy, to ensure all those questions become a little easier to answer.

1 - Personalization is key

It’s easy to forget customers are human when all you see of them is ‘SALE #21473’ in your database.

Connect with your customers. Give customers something that matters to them.

With reviews and customer data, you can start targeting your communications based on what your customers want and expect.

It helps customers feel:

  • Valued
  • Part of your company
  • Like you’re real and truthful

Did you know

Marketing communications are responsible for 70% of spam - make sure your mails aren’t lost


2 - External credibility matters

Here are some common differentiators when shopping online:

  • Needs
  • Urgency
  • Convenience
  • Price

But what is missing that tips the scale? Reputation.

There’s a peer-to-peer social economy online where reviews, comments, and more, all have influence on a buying decision.

Online reputation is a cornerstone of online success. We live in a world where customers can readily check the reputation of a company online.

Online reviews are the middle point of digital and traditional business, where customers meet sellers and talk to other customers about their experience with a particular seller.

It’s this customer validation which creates trustworthiness, transparency and credibility.


3 - Creating fans supports success

If you support a particular sports team, it’s probably because your family told you to, your friends supported them, or because something about them appealed to you (unless you’re simply a glory hunter and need no inspiration).

The common thread through all of these channels is built loyalty.

You didn’t just randomly choose a team to support . You were influenced, either by idle chat, feelings, or marketing.

How a business angles itself is key to success. And this is where your fans are a powerful asset.

Embrace transparency, gather feedback, and let your reviews do the talking


So what’s the point?

Well there’s another question you’ve probably asked: how can I acquire customers for less?

Using reviews is a good start - it gives you a basis for ‘trust power’.

Let’s touch on some differentiators and how you can use online reviews to promote your uniqueness.

Product features

Unique product features help you stand out. Yes, your new features might be easily replicated, but if yours work the best, they’ll be reviewed the best. So embrace individuality!


Since 2009, studies have regularly shown that price is not as important as it once was . Price must be balanced by quality.

According to one university study, focusing on improving your reputation is the best investment of time.

Use price as a differentiator, but ensure your reviews justify the prices you set.


How people perceive your brand matters - a lot. Do you think Apple would have succeeded just by slapping a half-eaten apple on gadgets and yelling, “YEAH, we’re different”?


Apple has a design and a belief. Panos Mourdoukoutas in Forbes magazine puts it the best:

“Of all-important branding lessons marketers can learn from Apple, one stands out: branding begins on the demand side of the market.”


Customer service is a round-the-clock task.

Even if you have the best product or service, lackluster customer service can damage your business. Statistics show 55% of customers would pay more for high-quality customer service .

Zendesk statistics show that customer service is the most important factor affecting trust in a company.

Reviews help you see where your service could improve and build trust with your customer.


Add them all together = REPUTATION!

And once you’re reputation is stunning customers everywhere, your sales might be stunning you.

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