4 easy ways to stop eCommerce horrors haunting you this Halloween

4 easy ways to stop eCommerce horrors haunting you this Halloween

Some demons are out there, but customer reviews are actually the answer to some of your biggest eCommerce challenges.

So just in time for Halloween, here are four ways customer reviews can stop spooking your sales.

  Don't underestimate what your customers are saying about your business

Don't underestimate what your customers are saying about your business

Reviews increase your online brand visibility

With almost 40% of the global population on the web , online review websites are certainly key to being noticed.

The High Street is not dead , but you can't ignore the power of review websites.

Ninety percent of customers are influenced by positive online reviews. As more people read reviews, the more potential customers there will be ready to look at what you offer, the more traffic there will be coming to your site, and the more popular your site can become.

Don’t forget: Trustpilot feeds review data to Google - data that’s aggregated and displayed in the form of star ratings in Google search.

Want to know how all the star ratings work? We've got your back


Understand customer behaviour and boost sales

  Conquer that review mountain!

Conquer that review mountain!

Having a solid review strategy helps you understand your customers like never before. Your customers are bound to have opinions on everything you do, and that’s not to be seen as a scary thing.

Customers find online reviews nearly 12 times more trustworthy than manufacturer descriptions. Reviews therefore give a reliable barometer of how great you are.

Customer feedback is simply too trusted to ignore. And yes, there’s a chance you’ll encounter some feared negative feedback here and there, but with fake review a rarity , it’s likely your customers are just alerting you to a flaw which is stopping your business from achieving perfection. Sometimes it takes negativity to enjoy the positives.


Guide your customers to where they need to go

  Try not to turn your customers into zombies...

Try not to turn your customers into zombies...

Have you ever been an online zombie?

An 'online zombie' is someone who lets out groans of impatience, endlessly clicking to find a way through, or a way out of, a ghastly website.

Zombie infections kill (literally too). Customers become frustrated with your site and simply leave, and that's pretty horrifying for your business.

But with relevant, fresh online reviews, blended in with your onsite branding, customers can see you’re an active, engaged online business. Only 2% of consumers are likely to use a business that has no online rating at all.

Don’t underestimate the careful placement of these reviews either - for example, a selection of particular reviews at your checkout could be key. As customer analytics gurus at Kissmetrics note:

“Nothing helps instill confidence in an order more than customer reviews and ratings about a particular product. Shoppers want to know if the wires break easily, if the item is too long in the sleeves, or if it works exactly as advertised. Don’t let them find out too late!”
— Kissmetrics '40 checkout page strategies', 2012

Reviews keep customers coming back

The probability of selling to an existing customer is around 70%. A prospect? Around 20%.

And with customer acquisition costs up to seven times higher than simply reselling to current customers, keeping your customers happy is key to higher sales.

Reviews help you keep everyone happy. You’re opening up a dialogue, good or bad, which takes the customer seriously. There’s a lot to be said for keeping customers happy.


Face your fears

So as we approach the scariest time of the year, don’t be petrified with the fear of the unknown.

Want to learn more ways to fight off eCommerce demons this Halloween and beyond?

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