See sales soar with Trustpilot reviews and Google Customer Match

See sales soar with Trustpilot reviews and Google Customer Match

You might have heard of Google’s new Customer Match Adwords feature. But did you know Trustpilot helps max your retargeting power?

Read on to see how Google’s latest innovation and Trustpilot’s reviews pair up to help you reach your highest-value customers right away.

Why Trustpilot fits perfectly with Customer Match

Reviews from your customers give you a great indication of where you’re doing well and who your best customers are.

But while those four and five star reviews are great for your reputation, re-engaging and retaining your brand advocates is key for a great business. After all, the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while a prospect is under 20%.

Well retargeting marketing just got a whole lot simpler with Google Customer Match.

Download a list of email addresses for your four and five star reviewers reviewers and upload them to AdWords. Then you’re free to target your best customers with your best ads.

It’s that simple.

The likelihood of these retargeted great reviewers returning to your site is bound to be increased; after all, they already love you (their review says so) therefore it’s just a case of tantalizing them with a relevant ad. Website visitors who are retargeted with relevant display ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website.

Here’s how Google’s Customer Match works

Let’s say you’ve got a Google AdWords account (so you’re an advertiser in this example). You (the advertiser) upload your customer email addresses to your AdWords account. Once in, you can target the most relevant ads to the uploaded customer data (the email address) across Google Search

Google then matches the email addresses you uploaded to those of the signed-in Google users. And hey presto – the ads you’ve got in your AdWords account will be reaching the most appropriate customers.

So how do you know who your best customers are?

Well you could target everyone, or use Google’s current Retargeting Lists for Search Ads (RLSA). But RLSA works through cookies, which don't translate to mobile devices. Email addresses and sign-ins are much more consistent and stable.

And how do you find your best customers AND keep a consistent connection to them?

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