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By on Monday, November 24th, 2014 Online reputation management

The customer voice has never been stronger. Businesses have been on an aggressive path towards making themselves more customer-centric; listening more closely to customer feedback and using this to develop and evolve their customer experiences. However, it’s not just the Customer Service and Experience departments that are looking to customer feedback for guidance; Marketers and […]

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Trustpilot is now home to close to almost 10 million customer reviews–approximately 10,000 reviews are published on the platform every day by consumers around the world. Trustpilot is about trust and transparency. To us, it is vital that people can trust that the reviews in our community accurately represent the legitimate views of consumers. We […]

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What successful businesses are doing to boost their reputations on the web. What does a great reputation do for your business? It means… Word-of-mouth advertising. Customers do your selling for you. Shorter time-to-sale. With higher conversion rates at the initial transaction. More repeat business. Existing customers are big readers of reviews. Smarter service delivery. Customers tell […]

If a company is found to have a large amount of fake reviews on Trustpilot, then that company should be removed from our website… Right? People often ask this question but we believe that removing company profiles as a result of the discovery of fake reviews will ultimately do more harm to consumer choice on […]

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Every day, our partners in the Trust Movement amaze us with their dedication to customer satisfaction. The Trustpilot team wants to recognize these inspiring achievements in customer service, and encourage our incredible customers to do so as well. Each month, Trustpilot will nominate businesses that reach significant milestones of trust, transparency and impeccable customer service, […]

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As traditional advertising becomes less effective, online reviews which reflect quality customer service are imperative in reaching potential customers. The old model of advertising is simply not working – click-through rates on digital ads average as low as 0.15%, while major advertising agency M&C Saatchi revealed that its revenue growth in 2012 had come from CRM […]


What are reviews worth to your business? Cambridge mathematician William Hartston has developed a formula… watch our animation and try it yourself! When you buy online – be it a holiday, a washing machine or contact lenses – do you look at ratings and reviews? Do you check if anyone reported delivery trouble, criticised the […]

By on Monday, April 14th, 2014 How Trustpilot works

We launched our platform in 2007 and now provide over 80,000 e-commerce businesses with TrustScores based on more than seven million consumer reviews. We continue to learn from and work with industry trade bodies, including the Consumer Ombudsman, FDIH, The Danish Chambers of Commerce and the Danish Consumer Council, to ensure that we are maintaining […]

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By on Monday, April 14th, 2014 How Trustpilot works

Vi startede vores platform i 2007 og giver idag TrustScores til mere end 80.000 e-handelsvirksomheder baseret på mere end syv millioner kundeanmeldelser. Vi lærer hele tiden, og vi samarbejder med brancheinstanser, såsom Forbrugerombudsmanden, FDIH, Dansk Erhverv og Forbrugerrådet for at sikre de bedst mulige standarder. Markedet for kundeanmeldelser vokser og ændrer sig hurtigt, og vi […]

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With so many companies craving customer loyalty, how do you make your business’s voice heard in an overcrowded digital world? Your Customer Retention Strategies Are Everything . . . According to the Harvard Business School increasing your customer retention by 5% will see your profits increasing by 25% to 95% How To Do It . . […]