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Remember we showed you last month how Trustpilot just keeps growing? Well today we’ve got more exciting news: Trustpilot is now a Google-approved partner for product ratings on Product Listing Ads. With this, product reviews will help differentiate products across and, drive more qualified traffic to merchant advertising, and provide vital information to […]


Billions of opinions are now shared and read online, with that number increasing every day. It’s a global trend we foresaw in 2007 when Trustpilot first began. But we couldn’t have predicted the speed of growth.  For some context, Trustpilot entered the market when the first iPhone was released, and Twitter and Facebook were only […]


Trustpilot is pleased to announce that our reviews are now displayed through Microsoft’s Bing search engine, and associated search engine Yahoo!, through Bing Merchant Ratings. With this, Trustpilot reviews are now visible across the Bing, Yahoo! and Google networks. According to October statistics from The E Word, that’s approximately 98% of the search engine market […]

The most important thing you can do for your business is open it to your customers. Find out why consumers care about openness and see how we help thousands of brands with trust and transparency. There are a few different types of online reviews. One is cherry-picked, controlled by the brand to only show positive […]

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These four trends will define retail success during 2015 – is your business ready for the challenge? 2014 is all but over, so marketers are now turning their attentions to 2015. What challenges does the New Year hold and how will your business face them? Here we look at four trends that we think will […]


A roundup of the top retail trends seen in 2014 and how retailers have been adapting to meet demands. In 2014, retailers were faced with two major challenges – a still-struggling economy and tech-savvy customers looking to maximise their money. Many organisations have found new ways to meet these challenges through increased transparency and their […]

By on Monday, November 24th, 2014 Online reputation management

The customer voice has never been stronger. Businesses have been on an aggressive path towards making themselves more customer-centric; listening more closely to customer feedback and using this to develop and evolve their customer experiences. However, it’s not just the Customer Service and Experience departments that are looking to customer feedback for guidance; Marketers and […]

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Trustpilot is now home to close to almost 10 million customer reviews–approximately 10,000 reviews are published on the platform every day by consumers around the world. Trustpilot is about trust and transparency. To us, it is vital that people can trust that the reviews in our community accurately represent the legitimate views of consumers. We […]

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What successful businesses are doing to boost their reputations on the web. What does a great reputation do for your business? It means… Word-of-mouth advertising. Customers do your selling for you. Shorter time-to-sale. With higher conversion rates at the initial transaction. More repeat business. Existing customers are big readers of reviews. Smarter service delivery. Customers tell […]

If a company is found to have a large amount of fake reviews on Trustpilot, then that company should be removed from our website… Right? People often ask this question but we believe that removing company profiles as a result of the discovery of fake reviews will ultimately do more harm to consumer choice on […]

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