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Hello and welcome to the official Trustpilot blog. Our mission is to make shopping experiences better for everyone. Read this blog to get advice, learn about best practices and see real, practical examples of the best customer service.

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Trustpilot is an open, review-driven community connecting online consumers with the companies they buy from. Shared shopping experiences help consumers make smarter, informed decisions about buying, while companies get concrete feedback from their customers.

We are passionate about driving transparency across the web and we know that companies are becoming more and more concerned about online reviews and how to be more transparent on the web. We see some great examples of companies who do an excellent job in being transparent and sharing their customers’ stories. We also keep a close eye on what experts and analysts have to say about online reviews and reputation. And this blog is where we share it all.

Take a look around and please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact the authors directly.

About the authors:

Peter Muhlmann bloggingPeter Mühlmann is CEO at Trustpilot. He founded the company in 2007 and has been the main driver behind the continuous growth of the online review platform. On the blog, Peter shares his visions for the company and his thoughts on new product enhancements.



Joakim Ditlev bloggingJoakim Ditlev is Project Marketing Manager at Trustpilot. He has been blogging since 2003 and has 5+ years of experience with B2B Marketing. He also share his thoughts about content marketing on his Danish blog.




Evgenia-Zorina-bloggingEvgenia Zorina is Program Product Manager at Trustpilot. As our resident product evangelist, she stays on top of product quality, ensuring its cutting edge position in the market. Evgenia will post Trustpilot’s product updates on a regular basis.



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